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Length: 2.54m
Width: 0.695m

Sith Hull

The Sith C1 has a perfectly symmetrical front and back with a huge flat planing hull and twin release chines giving it a slippery feel as soon as it is on a wave. Flat spin transitions are a breeze, or engage the edges for fast carving. The centralised volume and wide flat ends give it excellent stability for vertical moves in holes. With significant volume around the cock pit the Sith is retentive in a hole, but with enough length to escape if you want out!

The Sith on Hero Wave, Ottawa One of the major advantages over converted kayaks is the width of 69.5cm (27.4in), making the Sith a very stable ride - meaning more fun and less rolling practice. The long straight edges and trip lips run the length of the boat making the Sith track very well for its 2.54m (8ft 4in) length. This means you will have enough speed to catch those fast waves or difficult ferry moves to get into (or around) a hole.

The Sith is going to be a blast in almost any river - anything from big volume runs like the Colorado to technical descents of the Ubaye in France. We have tested the Sith on rivers around the world -from rocky Welsh streams to continuous alpine rapids in France and Austria, and safety boating on the Ottawa.

Cockpit detail Strap point detail The standard outfitting supplied in a Sith includes 3 rigid composite pillars in both bow and stern, a composite pedestal seat and strap anchor points on the deck and hull incorporated into the layup during manufacture for maximum holding power. C-section beam pillars in the bow can be fixed in place or supplied separately. Hip-pad mounts can be supplied upon request.

Racing green Sith Stars and Stripes Sith Splatterdeck Sith One of the advantages of composite construction is that every boat can be tailored to the individual paddler - we can change the volume in the range 180L - 200L (approx.) and length of the Sith by trimming the two halves of the boat before joining them. The internal fittings can be customised to your needs if you require something specific such as kneecups. Only the final layers of foam and straps are left to you to install to your preference.


Sith C1 - standard kevlar/glass layup; CD$2550
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