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Length: 1.96m
Width: 0.66m

Introducing the first kayak model from Shaggy Designs; the Saint! We have extensively tested prototypes on the Ottawa at all the best features, and the result is an awesome boat optimised for big air moves. This boat is definitely not for the faint hearted and is designed for an agressive paddling style to get the most from it. If you think you are up to it, orders are being taken right now...

3D view of the Saint

The Saint is surprisingly fast for it's 1.96m length, due to the gradual rocker transitions, and edge channels to provide improved release. And of course a lighter boat means a boat that is easier to control. This all combines to give more moves, more consistently getting aerial! The extended knee box and foot bumps mean that the Saint is large enough for the taller paddlers out there.

The standard outfitting supplied in a Saint includes rigid foam pillars in the stern, but the bow is left completely clear just in case you have to get out in a hurry. A composite seat is fitted as standard and the position can be specified to your preference. Anatomical knee bracing is incorporated into the cockpit rim for comfort and control.

One of the advantages of composite construction is that the trim and total volume of your Saint kayak can be tailored to you by trimming the two halves of the boat before joining them. The internal fittings can also be customised to your needs. Only the footrest, seat padding and backrest will be left to you to install to your preference.

Saint cockpit detail Blunting on Garburator Saint backsurf Saints


Saint C1 - standard kevlar/glass layup; CD$2550
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