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Length: 1.96m
Width: 0.66m

Stephan in the Pagan Stephan getting aerial Following on from the success of the Saint, we have remodelled the volume distribution and balance point for C1 paddlers. The result is the Pagan - look out for them on a river near you! Check out a few images of us testing the Pagan C1 below.

One of the advantages of composite construction is that every boat can be tailored to the individual paddler - we can reduce the volume of the Pagan by trimming the two halves of the boat before joining them. The internal fittings can be customised to your needs if you require something specific such as kneecups. Only the final layers of foam and straps are left to you to install to your preference.

Bulkhead ready to be installed The standard outfitting supplied in the Pagan includes rigid foam pillars in both bow and stern, a composite pedestal seat and strap anchor points on the deck and hull incorporated into the layup during manufacture for maximum holding power. The Pagan also comes fitted with a composite bulkhead as standard. This allows for much easier outfitting, and gives additional structural support to the bow. Composite hip-pad mounts can be supplied upon request.

Pagan Pagan Pagan


Pagan C1 - standard kevlar/glass layup; CD$2550
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