C1 blades strong enough to stand up to some serious abuse.

Shaggy designs paddles Welcome to our new expanded range of C1 and rafting paddles, now available in a range of styles, constructions and colour options.

All of our blades boast an integral dynel tip for improved abrasion resistance, and are one-part molded onto a straight skypole shaft as standard. Our standard shafts are a carbon-glass mix, or you can upgrade to one of the same bombproof shafts that we use for our guidesticks, and we have yet to see a broken one!

Our blades come complete with our hand-made maple T-grips, covered with glass and dynel reinforcement. These can be supplied pre-assembled to your choice of length.

Product Specs:

Breakdown paddle As always at Shaggy Designs, these blades can be customised to your individual requirements with different layups, colours, etc.

Blade Construction - we have 4 options available (except for the foamcore construction), depending upon your style of paddling and preference;

Colours - the Standard and Heavy Duty constructions are always supplied coloured, and the Carbon construction can be coloured upon request. Our standard range of colours are; Black, White, Red, Navy Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink and we will do our best to mix any other colour to order.

Shaft Options - our standard is a Skypole carbon-glass shaft. Also available is a top-of the line all-carbon Skypole shaft. Both the shafts can be made into breakdown paddles upon request as well.

Carbon T-grip Splits T-grip Breakdown detail Carbon foamcore blade Raftrace blades


Standard; CD$245
Heavy Duty; CD$265
Carbon; CD$275
Race Carbon; CD$290
Foamcore Carbon; CD$310
How to Order


Carbon shaft; CD$25
Breakdown; CD$40

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