The C2 has been out on the river several times recently, with Gwyn and Ian Thomson testing it out at McCoys on the Ottawa. The C2 performs quite well, and is a stable surf. Next steps are to add more volume on the stern and have another go!

Testing the C2 on Babyface

The old Imperial Cruiser C2 got another long overdue outing for Durham University Canoe Club at the 2012 UK National Student Rodeo, courtesy of club captain Tom Rawlings and coach Mark Ledger.

The new C2

Ever since we made the old Imperial Cruiser back in the UK (details below!) we have wanted to have another go at building and paddling a C2. Eventually we found a bit of time in our busy schedules, and a bit more of an idea of what we are after. This time we started with an old prototype of the Saint, and increased the length and width. The decking out of our latest model is complete, and it is a lot of fun to paddle. It is about 2.5 m long, and we have added about 130 litres of volume and 7 cm to give a width of 73 cm.

The Saint prototype The Saint prototype in pieces Widening the midsection Lengthening the boat Shaping the sideplates Making the deckplate Attaching the sideplates Attaching the deckplate Pillars and dashboard ready to be installed The front cockpit ready with dashboard installed
The Imperial Cruiser Cartwheeling on the flat

Back when we were based in Durham, UK, we decided that an old Sith prototype would make a good C2 if we lengthened it a bit and we were facing in opposite directions.... And so the Imperial Cruiser was born. Great fun, but really difficult to paddle on anything other than flat water!

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