Thumbnail ImageShaggy Designs designs and builds composite playboats and paddles for the white water market. We are based in Carp, Ontario, near to the world famous Ottawa river.


2021-04-15 Operations Suspended for 2021. Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, and infection rates in Ontario, Gwyn has made the decision to remain in New Zealand for the immediate future. This means that we will not be taking orders for delivery in 2021. Apologies to everyone reading, and hopefully we will be back in operation in 2022

We will be continuing work on the online gauges, and intend on getting them both operational again soon.

2020-08-02 New Paddle Layups. We have been experimenting with paddles made from Carbon/Innegra weave. Tested by Caleb, they stand up to some abuse. As a bonus, they look pretty cool as well. More details here.

Carbon/Innegra paddle

2020-06-10 Limited Re-opening. We are starting to take orders again, for delivery in early July. We will start off shipping all product - no collection/drop off for the moment please!

2020-03-27 Operations Suspended. We are not by any stretch of the imagination an essential business while the current situation with Covid-19 infections plays out. Therefore we are suspending all operations until further notice. Meanwhile, here is a fantastic video from Marc.

2020-02-21 Custom Venturi Tubes. We got a call from Anamet last year, about making some custom venturi tubes for them. We were only too happy to oblige.

Venturi tubes for Anamet

These are used to improve airflow into fume extraction intakes. We can produce small quantity custom parts like these to close tolerances, so if you have an application that needs something made to fit, get in touch!

Venturi tube in use

2019-06-19 Prototype Slalom Boat. It has been far too long since we made a new boat, and last year we decided to remedy that. We have been working on a C1 slalom boat, designed for the average to plus size paddler. With most medium sized slalom boats designed for a 65 kg (140 lb) paddler, and even the largest sizes topping out at 90 kg (200 lb), this leaves a lot of paddlers out of luck. So, this is a boat that is race legal, good fun on a river and suitable for way more paddlers.

Prototype Slalom Boat

This is the first prototype, and we welcome anyone around the Ottawa to get in touch, come for a test drive and see what you think. We think that there is a little bit of work to do slimming down the back end slightly, so we will have another prototype sometime soon.

Prototype Slalom Boat
Good days on the river

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